‘Remembrance caught on camera’ – PHOTO COMPETITION!


Take part in a photo competition organised to commemorate the 77th anniversary of the Warsaw Rising. Catch on your camera or smartphone the way we commemorate the Rising wherever you are, no matter whether in Poland or in the world! Official commemorations, concerts, social events – take a picture of anything that is about remembering what happened in Warsaw in August and September 1944. Show that you care!

The Competition lasts from July, 24th till Aug, 6 2021:

You may win in two categories:

  1. Single photo (you may send up to 4 photographs)
  2. Photoreport (you may send up to 2 photoreports – 6 photographs each)


Send your photos:

– via email: foto@1944.pl

– via WeTransfer: foto@1944.pl

The winner will be chosen by the Jury members:

Ryszard Witkowski „Orliński” – former Home Army soldier and photographer in the times of WWII

Zbigniew FurmanJacek MarczewskiChris Niedenthal – professional photographers

Jan Ołdakowski – the Head of Warsaw Rising Museum

Who will chose the picture which reflects the atmosphere of the commemorations of the 77th anniversary of the Warsaw Rising in the most personal and creative way.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE wait for you as the awards!

More at: https://www.1944.pl/artykul/pamiec-w-kadrze-konkurs-fotograficzn,5182.html

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