Roots of Memory

We invite you to take part in an initiative that will make the memories of the Warsaw Insurgents truly come alive.

The Museum and its activity along with the commemorations of the anniversary of the Warsaw Rising have always primarily been about meeting with the Insurgents, the participants and witnesses of history. Every conversation, every ceremony, every event allowed us to be in the presence of their bravery, wisdom, kindness, strength and serenity. We were always sure that we could count on their support and, above all, on their presence. However, time flows relentlessly.

We need to face what is inevitable. The insurgents are fading before our eyes, and the mission of the entire team of the Warsaw Rising Museum is to prevent the memory of their lives, achievements and dreams from fading as well. It is you, their descendants, who are the bearers of treasure that is of memories. You are the ones who remember your mothers, your fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, with their customs, rituals, rules, wisdom and truth they carried inside them. You know best what they were afraid of, what they wanted, what they dreamed of and why they fought.

That is why we invite you to join the "Roots of Memory" campaign. It is very important for us to hear your stories and memories about how the dream of living in a free country carried through to you and your families.

I. Basic information about the Warsaw Insurgent
II. Degree of kinship to the Warsaw Insurgent
III. Area of interest (regarding relations with the Warsaw Rising Museum).
IV. Contact details of an Insurgent's family member
Filling some of the following fields, i.e., e-mail address, mobile phone number, telephone number, mailing address, is not obligatory. Please provide the data that is a convenient form of contact with you.
V. Questions regarding the Insurgent
VI. Why do you want to take part in the project „Roots of Memory”?
VII. What are your expectations for taking part in the project?
By completing this form, entering the necessary data and sending the application to the Warsaw Rising Museum, you consent to the processing of your personal data by the Warsaw Rising Museum with its registered office in Warsaw, for the purpose of accepting and verifying applications for the "Roots of Memory" project organized by the Warsaw Rising Museum.

You can also fill out the survey in PDF form. To do this, please download the files below. Print and fill them out, and either send a scan electronically to the Warsaw Rising Museum at the following email address:

or send the filled out, printed version by regular mail to: 

Warsaw Rising Museum,
ul. Grzybowska 79,
00-844 Warsaw, POLAND

with the note 'Roots of Memory.’ If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at



Information regarding the processing of personal data

Consent of the legal representative of a minor for the participation of the minor in the project 'Roots of Memory"

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