Cells of Secret Service

Warsaw Rising Museum Exhibition

The Warsaw Rising Museum’s exhibition in the former Remand Centre of the Ministry of Public Security at 11 Ujazdowskie Avenue.

Erected in 1929–1930, the building housed the US Embassy for some time. In 1939 it was seized by the German criminal police, which arranged prison cells in the basements. The building was taken over by the Ministry of Public Security after the war and the cells served as a remand centre. Here, under inhumane conditions, people suspected of anti-communist activities were incarcerated. Among them were Lt. Jan Rodowicz, nom de guerre Anoda, and Gen. August Emil Fieldorf, nom de guerre Nil.

The Warsaw Rising Museum was opened on the 60th anniversary of the outbreak of the Rising. It combines history and modernity through exhibitions, educational activities and numerous culture and art projects. The Museum commemorates the soldiers of the Warsaw Rising, who fought and died in 1944 for independent Poland, and civilian victims of the German crimes. The post-war fate of those who survived is an important epilogue of this story. The present commemoration of the Stalinist persecutions of the Warsaw Insurgents, held in the original remand centre premises, was made possible by cooperation between the Museum and the Ministry of Justice, which provided access to the basements of its building.

Opened in March 2018, the Cells of Secret Service is an exhibition commemorating the time of the communist omnipotence and the resistance against the imposed totalitarianism. The original premises, with walls still showing drawings and inscriptions made by the inmates, and furnished with authentic memorabilia, is where visitors can ”touch“ the tragedy of the Polish heroes who were offered contempt and repressions instead of glory and monuments.

Exhibition in the building of the Ministry of Justice
Aleje Ujazdowskie 11, entrance from ul. Św. Teresy (St. Theresa Street)

Opening hours:
Monday 9 am–5 pm
Tuesday closed
Wednesday 9 am–5 pm
Thursday 9 am–5 pm
Friday 9 am–5 pm
Saturday closed
Sunday closed

Last entry at 4 pm

single ticket - 10 PLN per person
discount ticket - 8 PLN per person

Free admission on Mondays

Group tours – max. 25 people


Guided tours:

Reservation: celebezpieki@1944.pl; +48 572 330 528

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