Reflection. I am like you, I daresay

Pay a visit to the award-winning installation at the Liberator Hall inside the Warsaw Rising Museum!


In this interactive installation we are not only searching for our counterparts, our reflections in the mirror – by comparing both images, we are also answering ourselves the questions: Who are we? What do we want to be like? We are also searching for the identity of unknown Insurgents to preserve the memory of them.

We see history not only as a set of facts – specific characters and their attitudes are more important. What drove them? The hardest choices were so obvious back then. Would they be as obvious today? What were their individual fates in this collective experience?

Since its very beginning, the Warsaw Rising Museum has been collecting memories of those who witnessed and participated in the events of August and September 1944 so that next generations could remember and build on their experiences.

Immerse yourself in some of the memories and do not miss the occasion to visit the installation yourself when you are in Warsaw!

“I wondered: "My God, will there be anyone to appreciate all this, except for us? We know, we do, why we are doing this, but will others appreciate that we all wanted to be free, and that's why we started this whole adventure, as they used to call it". But no, no one had any doubts. I asked myself "Will anyone appreciate it? Was it worth it?" I wanted answers. But deep inside I knew that it was needed, that it would bring some results.”

Irmina Leokadia Zembrzuska-Wysocka "Irma"

“What was the most important thing about the Rising to me? It was selflessness, because people follow reason in the so-called normal life. And what could a girl expect when she was crawling across a street under machine gun fire to get to a wounded person? She could expect nothing but a bullet to her head. And she was not deranged or insane, not at all. She was a regular person. So, there are situations in life, or in history, pompously speaking, that can muster the best of human attributes in us.”

Juliusz Kulesza "Julek"


The Installation has been widely-recognised in Poland and in the world:

- Best Project by STGU (Stowarzyszenie Twórców Grafiki Użytkowej),

- Honourabe Mention in Creative Review (one of the best projects in the world in 2020)

- the Wierzba Award (Gold)

- European Design Awards - Silver (Digital Installations)

- Honourable Mention in the Sybilla Competition (Temporary Exhibitions)

- 4 awards of the KTR (Klubu Twórców Reklamy)

  • Gold - Design In Public Spaces
  • Gold - Creative Use Of Existing Technology
  • Bronze - UX & UI
  • Grand Prix - Best Of Technology



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