Committee for Ukrainian Museums: First transport with aid for Ukrainian museologists

Russian aggression towards Ukraine poses a threat to the century-old cultural heritage of the country. The most valuable objects of Ukrainian culture could be destroyed. Polish people understand well what the extermination of cultural assets entails – destruction of museum collections, library resources and archival material.

Today in the light of these tragic circumstances, providing our help to Ukraine is necessary in saving their national heritage.

The Committee for Ukrainian Museums which is now made up of close to fifty representatives of polish cultural institutions, will offer support not only to the larger institutions in Ukraine but also to the smaller, more localized ones. Since the start of the Russian military operations polish museologists have kept in close contact with their Ukrainian fellows to be up to date with their current needs.

After carrying out discussions with several dozen cultural institutions in Ukraine we know that the top priority must be providing concrete, material aid. Some institutions have asked for the supply of materials that could protect their collections; others have asked for equipment to digitalize cultural objects. The Committee for Ukrainian Museums has gathered the first set of materials for packing, protecting and conserving collections. The materials will soon be delivered to chosen Ukrainian institutions from where they will be redistributed by local coordinators to facilities that have declared the need for support.

RAJA has joined the campaign by offering packaging materials including cardboard boxes, tape, protective foil and kraft paper.

photo: Katarzyna Stefanowska / Warsaw Rising Museum

This was the first step of the campaign. To be able to continue the support, today we launch a fundraiser that is run by the Paweł Włodkiewicz Institute on behalf of the Committee for Ukrainian Museums. Anyone who wishes to support the Ukrainian museums financially can make a donation via the designated account.

Account number: 76 1050 1575 1000 0090 8156 1491


With a title: „Darowizna na rzecz muzeów Ukrainy” „Donation in suport of ukrainian museums”

All funds raised by the campaign will be used to acquire materials for Ukrainian Museums.

Special thanks go to:

  • The Stefan Woyda Museum Of Ancient Mazovian Metallurgy in Pruszków
  • Tarnowskie Góry Museum 
  • Schoen Palace Museum in Sosnowiec 
  • Zofia and Wacław Nałkowski Museum in Wolomin
  • Warsaw Ghetto Museum
  • Museum of the History of Katowice

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