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Privacy Policy

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"Memory of the City"

Article 1 General provisions

  1. This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the "Privacy Policy") specifies the method of collecting, processing and storing personal data necessary to provide services via the mobile application (hereinafter referred to as the "Application") by the Warsaw Rising Museum and for the purpose of contact.
  2. The User acknowledges that the Warsaw Rising Museum with its registered office in Warsaw, address: 00-844 Warszawa, ul. Grzybowska 79, registered in the Register of Cultural Institutions under no. 10/2004, (NIP 527-243-60-56) is the controller of the personal data (hereinafter referred to as the "Controller").
  3. Deemed as a User is every natural person who uses the services provided via the Application, i.e. a person who has installed the mobile application in a mobile device.
  4. The User hereby accepts the provisions set forth in the Privacy Policy.
  5. The Controller represents that it respects the Users' right to privacy and that it makes all efforts to collect only the data which are necessary for the correct functioning of the application or serve the purpose of enhancing the application's utility.


Article 2 Automatically collected data

  1. The Controller does not process any User personal data, but only ones which are not considered as such, in particular statistical data and Application usage data. The data described in the preceding sentence are collected automatically (hereinafter referred to as "automatically collected data").
  2. Automatically collected data do not allow clear identification of the User.
  3. Automatically collected data may be used by the Controller to improve the quality of services provided, in particular in the event that any Application errors occur. In such a situation, automatically collected data will concern the Application error, including the status of the User's mobile device at the time of the error, identification of the User's mobile device, and physical location of the User's mobile device at the time of the error.
  4. It is not possible to change or erase automatically collected data.
  5. The following services are responsible for the collection of these data and the manner of using the application
  1. The Application relies on background maps provided by Google Maps API. Google inc. Privacy Policy
  2. The Application may use the following permissions:
  • Location – it makes it possible to display the User position on maps, adjust POIs to the User position, and navigate along the route,
  • Memory - SD card – this permission allows the Application to save data in the device memory, making it possible to use many functionalities in the offline mode,
  • Full online access – in most cases it is required for the purpose of updating data and displaying data when browsing in the online mode. In addition, this operating mode involves Google Analytics services which enable us to anonymously monitor User behaviour, and the Crashlytics service which informs us about possible application errors,
  • Communication with Google Play Services – we use it to ensure correct functioning of geolocation, background maps and Google Analytics services, and direct communication with such Google applications as Google Maps.
  1. All permissions (mobile device functions and information) which Users grant the Application can be seen in the system settings. Mobile application permissions can be revoked by changing the mobile device settings or by uninstalling the mobile application. 


Article 3 Data collected for contact purposes

  1. If the User contacts the Controller, the latter will require the User to provide his/her first name, surname and e-mail address (hereinafter referred to as "data collected for contact purposes").
  2. Provision of data collected for contact purposes is voluntary, however it is also the sole basis of the Controller's return contact with the User and a means by which the Controller can verify the User.
  3. Data collected for contact purposes shall be used solely for the purpose of allowing correct, complete and effective communication between the Controller and User.



Article 4 Rights and obligations of the Controller

  1. The Controller guarantees that it has put in place appropriate technical and organisational means to ensure safety of the personal data processed, in particular ones that prevent unauthorised third-party access to the data or processing in violation of generally applicable law, protecting the personal data against loss, damage or destruction.
  2. The User personal data shall be stored for as long as it is necessary to meet or answer the User's request after establishing contact.



Article 5 Acceptance of the policy by the User

  1. By installing the mobile application, the User accepts the provisions of this Privacy Policy.
  2. In the event that no consent is given to the provisions of the Privacy Policy, the User is requested either not to approve the installation or uninstall the mobile application.
  3. The Controller reserves the right to amend the Privacy Policy and inform the User accordingly via the Application. If the User does not accept the amendments, he/she shall permanently delete the Application from his/her mobile device.



Article 6 Data Protection Officer

  1. The Controller has designated a Data Protection Officer.
  2. The Data Protection Officer can be contacted by traditional mail at the address provided in Article 1(2) of the Privacy Policy or by e-mail at

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